Mark Bustos

Mark Bustos and others like him have inspired me to share what I have with those who need it. Please help me to spread that message of awareness and compassion. We are all in this together and I am inspired to make some real change in our community. Greenville NC has a large homeless community that is neglected and discarded. I feel a responsibility as a human being to help other human beings when they are in need of help. Sometimes we don't realize that people with substance abuse problems and mental problems are good people underneath who are in need of help. Any one of us could be just a misfortune away from being in a similar situation. I myself was homeless for a year of my life when i was 17. I was in and out of jail, living in abandoned houses and sleeping under the Greene St bridge. It is hard for anyone who has not felt that to understand what it feels like to be cold and alone and have nowhere to go. It is easy to look past people when we are focused on our own lives, but with very little effort we can make great change just by being compassionate. I have found that often those who have the least give the most. I have gained the most by giving very little. I feel very blessed with the opportunity to share what I have with those who need it most. I hope you will all join me in this movement because, we all have something to give. Why not give our time, compassion and talents to those who need it most. Right here at home.

If there are any Hairdressers or Barbers out there that would like to get involved, you could donate a couple hours of your time and talent every other week or as much as you like. The homeless shelter has a need and we will organize trips once a week.

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