Haircuts for the Homeless

Haircuts for the Homeless in Greenville, NC is a chance to give back to our community in Greenville, NC. Michael Brandon Styling Hair Salon and Barber Shop is getting teams together to go to the Community Crossroads Homeless Shelter once a month to give Haircuts to the Homeless Community in Greenville, NC. For info check out or call 252-565-9406. Michael Brandon Styling Hair Salon and Barber Shop in Greenville, NC.

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement you've given towards Haircuts for the Homeless! All of the time and kind words you have offered has been truly inspiring. This last event on March 20 had the biggest sign up yet! There are 60-80 people at the shelter every weekend and we could use your help to make a difference in our community. We are understaffed and overwhelmed, so if you could lend us your time once a month or however much you can spare, it will make the biggest difference in peoples lives. The Homeless Shelter is not the only place we can make a difference. There is a large and growing Homeless Community in Greenville, NC and rather than your money, I am asking you to give your time, talents and compassion wherever it is needed all over our amazing city! Many in the Homeless Community do not stay at the Homeless Shelter. Many are scattered all over our town, sleeping in the woods, in abandoned buildings and on the streets. We may stop and give them money from time to time to give ourselves peace of mind, but what would really make a difference in their lives is if we stopped and asked them how they got in this situation. Maybe if we sat down with them for a while we would see that they are great people who have been through horrible situations and could use our help to get back on their feet. Thank you again for all of the support. I hope that we can all inspire each other to get out and make a difference in our community. I believe that we all posses talents that we can offer and I passionately believe that Greenville, NC can be the source of a great light that can shine throughout a world that so desperately needs it. Please help me to make this light brighter with your presence.

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