Haircuts for the Homeless

I am so blessed and priviledged to get the opportunity to serve some amazing people through Haircuts for the Homeless. This last event was such an amazing time. Huge thanks to Patty from Community Crossroads and Kristen Hardee for being such amazing people and for bringing their bright light into what could be a dark time in peoples lives. I truly thank you for your heart and soul. We had 20 people on the list tonight. Some who have job interviews and some that were just happy to get out of the crowded common room to come get a clean edge up and a few laughs. It really felt like a Barber Shop atmosphere as a good portion of the crowd was just there to hang out and watch us cut hair. Kristen and Patty both bring their own light to the room and I really had the best time working alongside them. I felt incredibly priviledged as many of my clients felt comfortable enough to share their stories with me and at the end of the night I got the most powerful story of all. Gary waited paitiently in his PJs as it started to get late and there were still several people in front of him. As I finished up the last 2 guys in front of him, everyone had left and Gary and I found ourselves in a quiet room. He told me that he needed to get cleaned up for a job interview in the morning with ENCV. He told me how he served in the Vietnam War. He told me that there are some things he saw that he will never get out of his mind. He told me how unappreciated he felt when he got back home. He told me how abandoned he felt as people would not even look his way. He told me how abused he felt as he was constantly thrown in and out of jail and treated like an outcast. He told me how broken he felt by the lack of opportunities available to him. He told me how sad he felt that the world stopped caring about him. He told me that he is the oldest one in the shelter and in spite of all these things that are working against him, he is still the first one out every day to go look for a job. As we finished up and said our goodbyes, he shook my hand and told me how much it meant to him that I cared and I shook back and told him what a priviledge it was that he let me.

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