Haircuts for the Homeless 5/16/16

The last Haircuts for the Homeless was the best one yet!!! I am so blessed by it and I am so proud to see it growing and gaining interest from the community. The East Carolinian came out and covered the event and wrote an article about us @ One of the guys from my church also brought his band to play music. We have decided to do an event on every 3rd Monday and the band has agreed to come back and play at every event! I am so blessed by all of the amazing people I've met while doing this and I am enormously inspired by their spirit. These are people that have plenty to complain about, but all I ever get from them is joy and happiness. It has made it pretty hard for me to complain. It has made me really grateful for what God has done in my life and for the opportunity to be in this position. I myself was homeless for a season of my life and if it were not for the people that loved me and pulled me out of the streets, I might still be there. There was one particular family that really touched me. A young single mother with 3 kids has been staying at the shelter for 2 months. All of her kids were respectful, happy and having fun. They all took care of each other and were eager to help their mother and anyone else who was around. We were all singing songs and joking around, having a really good time. I can't imagine what their mother is going through trying to deal with their current situation. The strength that it must take for her to so eloquently raise her children and keep them happy in that situation is just beyond my comprehension. It strengthens me to be around people that demonstrate that kind of strength. You would never know they were even going through anything.I am so blessed by what Haircuts for the Homeless is becoming and I am grateful for the community for all of the support. I hope to continue this forever and I would like it to grow into something the whole community can be involved in. We all have talents and your time and talents are so much more valuable that your money. We all have something to offer our community and hair is just what I have to offer. I can't tell you how inspired I am by doing it and I would love for everyone to experience it.

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